Announcement: 2016 IEC Finalists

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We have been awestruck at the overwhelming response for the 2016 Idaho Entrepreneur
Challenge. The preliminary round saw over 75 applications from 5 different schools throughout the
state. We thank you all for putting your venture ideas out there; we know it takes courage!
The judges have submitted preliminary scores and the top 23 teams from the Preliminary
Round are invited to pitch their Venture in Boise at the Final Event on April 1. Please see below for the
Official Finalist List.

Due to close scoring, teams on the cusp were added to the finals pool. There are 23 teams total instead of 20.

The Finalists:

  • Agritak LLC
  • Defkon Technology
  • Derivational Hydrographic Printing
  • Guard Lock
  • Hurd Tracking
  • Humble Urban Gardens
  • HydroGrip
  • Kente Style
  • NexStep
  • Rebound inc.
  • Recycled Carbon Fiber Use
  • Revival Outlet
  • Safeguard Equipment
  • Shaw Mountain Technology LLC
  • ShopShare
  • StrollerForm
  • Talent Cloud
  • The Feller Pump
  • TransitFox
  • Vandal UltraSpeed
  • Vert
  • Weighst Not
  • Wind2Water

Important: If you were selected as a finalist make sure to RSVP here & download your IEC Finalist Participation packet here for additional information.


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