B2C Current and Upcoming Courses

Professor Dean Gordon Jones portrait

B2C, or Bridge 2 Career, is a new program that will enhance students’ performance in a professional workplace. Standing out amongst a sea of qualified graduates is an immense challenge nowadays, and it makes the job market extremely competitive. Bridge 2 Career will not only teach you practical skills and knowledge, it will give you an edge. Offered course are both fun and practical, with no pre-requisites required.

Current courses are diverse, yet innovative and practical. Learn the concept and meaning of happiness, basis of mental and professional health and the power of social connections in “Professional Performance: The Science of Happiness. Learn the secrets behind illusions of learning, memory techniques, dealing with procrastination, and best practices to be most effective in helping you master tough subjects in “Learning How to Learn: Techniques for Lifelong Learning”. Think outside of the box to solve problems in new ways, aim for bolder ideas and reach a whole new level of potential with “From Creativity to Innovation: Insights for Innovation”. Master the art of persuasion, and engage in cases and realistic roleplays in “Negotiations: Ask for What You Want to Get What You Need”. Acquire basic business fundamentals and skills without getting stressed over jargon and terminology with “Business Bridge to Career: Online Business Certificate OR Business Minor”. Finally, apply your creativity and computer science skills to build your own application with “Programming: Build your Own Mobile App!”.

Besides current courses, Bridge to Career will be launching a new set of classes in Fall 2016. The following courses will be included to the Bridge to Career program: “The Innovation Mission: From Idea to Launch”, “HR CO-OP Academy: Skills for the Healthcare Industry”, “Applied Personal Finance” and “Professional Skills: Make College Count”, so stay tuned.