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The 2017 Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge is here!

The 2017 Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge is culminating this Thursday and Friday, with 26 teams from across Idaho converging on Boise State University for a jam packed two days of networking, pitching, judging and awards. The contest was open to all university students in… Read more »

B2C 197: Art of Java/Web Tools Starts March 8th

Looking for two credits to finish out the semester strong? Here’s your chance to pick up extra credits and set yourself apart from the crowd with 21stCentury coding skills! Starting March 8th, B2C 197: Art of Java/Web Tools is a new course offered… Read more »


A great article, recently published in Territory Magazine, about the College of Innovation & Design!   territory-magazine_gordon-jones-profile

CID: A Year in Review

The College of Innovation + Design marks its first academic year at Boise State University. For an in-depth look at the programs, people, and preliminary journey, please enjoy the ‘Year In Review“.

Vertically Integrated Projects Crosses Research Boundaries

We live in a messy world, with messy problems that transcend solutions from a single source. That’s why researchers from all academic backgrounds are increasingly partnering to solve complex problems dealing with the environment, water, food, land, materials, data, cancer and much more…. Read more »

HBX CORe Immersion @ Boise State

HBX CORe Immersion at Boise State Do you want to take your career to the next level? Compliment your existing skills with real-world business practices while learning on your own time? HBX Core Immersion Main Page Learn More The College of Innovation and… Read more »

What is Vertically Integrated Projects?

What is Vertically Integrated Projects? Vertically Integrated Projects, or VIP, is a program at College of Innovation and Design that takes learning experience to a whole new level. Instead of classroom lectures and jargon-intensive material, it is a project-oriented course. The goal is… Read more »

Sign-Up for Summer of Technology

Did you know that in the next 10 years there is expected to be 250,000 new software developer jobs available? How about that the median pay for a software developer is $90,530 per year— more than double the national average? It’s true. We… Read more »

B2C Current and Upcoming Courses

B2C, or Bridge 2 Career, is a new program that will enhance students’ performance in a professional workplace. Standing out amongst a sea of qualified graduates is an immense challenge nowadays, and it makes the job market extremely competitive. Bridge 2 Career will… Read more »

Announcement: 2016 IEC Finalists

We have been awestruck at the overwhelming response for the 2016 Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge. The preliminary round saw over 75 applications from 5 different schools throughout the state. We thank you all for putting your venture ideas out there; we know it takes… Read more »

Insights into IDEO and Innovation

A Visit With IDEO’S Em Havens When it comes to the B2C course, Insights for Innovation, we believe that innovation and collaboration go hand in hand. This hybrid-course is designed to teach and empower students to recognize bold ideas, discover what people really… Read more »

Calling All College Students Across Idaho

Boise State’s College of Innovation and Design needs your big ideas for the Idaho Entrepreneurship Challenge (IEC)— a state-wide competition in partnership with Zions Bank to promote and fund student ideas and innovations. Application deadline is February 21 at 11:59pm. “The people who… Read more »

Meet Dean Gordon Jones

On most days you’ll find Boise State’s inaugural dean of the College of Innovation and Design’s cruising on his electric Riide bike along the greenbelt for his morning commute to his all-glass office housed on the second floor of the Albertson’s Library at… Read more »

College of Innovation and Design Moving Forward

Boise State President Bob Kustra announced plans to form a new College of Innovation and Design in his fall address, and those plans are moving forward. The new college was recently approved by the State Board of Education. It will be a university-wide… Read more »