Gorongosa Wildlife Recovery

Our research team is partnering with the Gorongosa Lion Project in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique to aid the restoration of large herbivore and carnivore species there. The park’s wildlife populations declined dramatically following a devastating civil war in Mozambique. Now, the Greg Carr Foundation is leading a massive ecosystem recovery effort in Gorongosa that will benefit both human wellbeing and biodiversity. Using data from GPS collars and camera traps, we are currently investigating what factors encourage or limit (e.g., snaring, prey abundance, water availability) the recovery of terrestrial mammal species in the Greater Gorongosa Ecosystem. In the future we will use human-environment systems science to develop a greater understanding of the human drivers of ecosystem change in the area and how those changes in turn affect local human communities. The HES Center is excited to be a partner in this important research and conservation endeavor.