Jenna Narducci

Students, MS Student, Geosciences

Lead Advisor

Jodi Brandt

Professional Preparation

M.S. Geoscience Candidate, Boise State University, 2018
B.S. Natural Resources, Oregon State University, 2013

CV / Resume


How research fits into HES

My aim is to assist land managers and urban planners in decision-making by better understanding social preferences for environmental benefits, and how those preferences may be impacted by projected land use change. My research necessitates an interdisciplinary education, the ability to work with academic and non-academic collaborators, and presenting my research to the public in easily digestible formats.

Background Info and Personal Interests

Originally from Pennsylvania, I grew up exploring the beautiful and diverse Appalachians. Between graduating high school and beginning my bachelor’s I did fieldwork in central New Mexico where I fell in love with the west. I graduated from Oregon State in 2013 where I focused on fire ecology and environmental policy. After graduating I moved around the west until I settled down in beautiful Boise. I spend my free time hiking the foothills, biking the greenbelt, backpacking in one of the many nearby wilderness areas, and attempting to snuggle my grumpy cat.

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