Matt Unitis

Students, MS Student, Biological Sciences

Lead Advisor

Jodi Brandt

Professional Preparation

2018 MSc. Boise State University - Biology
2013 B.S. Central Michigan University - Biology

CV / Resume


How research fits into HES

Discovering new methods to map and determine current and future extents of invasive and native wetland plant communities, and their applications to the many stakeholders in the St. Mary’s River. Predicting how environmental and human variables encourage or facilitate the colonization of invasive wetland plants.

Background Info and Personal Interests

I received my Bachelors of Science in biology from Central Michigan University in 2013, and spent the next few years working across many ecosystem types in North America, including great lakes coastal wetlands, deserts, coastal prairies, forests, and sagebrush steppe. Wetlands hold particular interest to me due to their dynamic nature and their importance in a larger landscape. My working mapping invasive plants with the National Park Service piqued my interest in plant biogeography and the tools used to monitor their communities on a large scale.