Coursework Requirements

The Certificate in Leadership and Human Relations is a 16 credit interdisciplinary and experiential program open to all Boise State University undergraduate students.


Certificate in Leadership and Human Relations
Course Number and Title
LEAD 325 Foundations of Leadership 3
LEAD 326 Exploration of Leadership 3
LEAD 327 Relational Leadership 3
Select from the following courses:
LEAD 225 Civic Engagement & Leadership
LEAD 480 Studies in Leadership
DISPUT/COMM/SOC 390 Conflict Management
DISPUT 401 Negotiation
DISPUT 402 Culture and Conflict
MDS 410 Case Studies in Leadership
LEAD 495 Leadership Experience 1
Total 16
Students must complete all 16 credits with a grade of ā€œCā€ or above.


LEAD 225 CIVIC ENGAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP (2-3-3) (S). Provides students with opportunities to learn about political and social community dynamics while becoming catalysts for collaborative social change. Students will integrate service, education, and reflection to create meaningful change in communities. The culmination of this learning will take place on an intensive weeklong service trip. Students must be accepted into alternative break program prior to registration. PREREQ: PERM/INST

LEAD 325 Foundations of Leadership (3-0-3) (F, S). An introduction to concepts, frameworks, ideas and beliefs related to leadership. Intended to inspire students to engage in deeper self-exploration about why they lead and how they can begin to serve as a catalyst for progress in their relationships, communities and organizations. PREREQ: sophomore standing.

LEAD 326 Exploration of Leadership (3-0-3) (F, S). An exploration of selected concepts, frameworks, ideas and beliefs related to the art and practice of leadership. The course is intended to help students move from knowledge and awareness, to applying their learning in various contexts. Completion of LEAD 325 is recommended. PREREQ: sophomore standing.

LEAD 327 Relational Leadership (3-0-3) (F, S). The purpose of this course is to enhance the critical leadership component of working effectively with others. Tools will be provided for developing the internal qualities and the external behaviors that lead to both individual and team success. PREREQ: sophomore standing.

LEAD 480 Studies in Leadership (3-0-3) (F/S). Examination of special topics and skills in leadership. Content varies from semester to semester. Subjects may include leading groups, leading change, gender and leadership, creativity and leadership, etc. Course may be repeated for credit. PREREQ: sophomore standing.

LEAD 495 Leadership Experience (0-3-1) (F, S). This experiential course offers students an opportunity to practice the skills and perspectives they have learned in previous leadership courses. Students will select one or more community projects to organize, implement, and reflect on as a vehicle to demonstrate leadership. PREREQ: LEAD 325, LEAD 326, LEAD 327, and sophomore standing.