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Linda Easley

Operations Manager

Linda Easley is the first face you’ll see when you enter the College of Innovation and Design. Responsible for budgets, overseeing management of the college space, and coordinating closely with program directors regarding purchasing and program needs, the college couldn’t run without her. She’s responsible for all things human resources, including hiring, supervising student workers, and coordinating adjunct professors. Did we mention she also keeps a paint roller by her desk to touch up the writable walls? She’s just that good.

Linda is from Boise, Idaho originally and has a BS in Nursing from Walla Walla University and an MBA from Boise State University. Before beginning work at Boise State, she worked as a hospital nurse at three different hospitals. Since receiving her MBA from Boise State, she has worked in business administration at the university for five years.

In the summer, you’ll find Linda lounging in a raft floating the river or planning her next international excursion. If you need someone to help you tackle your next home design challenge, Linda is a DIY-pro; she enjoys tile work and recently remodeled her kitchen (with the help of a few others). One more thing you should know about Linda: she thinks the F4 function in Excel is fantastic.

email: lindaeasley@boisestate.edu
phone: 208-426-2975