How James Petzke Built Two Six Figure Businesses By Age 22

Some people are natural go-getters. They tinker, they build and they are curious. When James was in high school he built a search engine that would directly compete with Google. (Ask him about this story- you’ll get a few laughs and learning points!) Even though his search engine failed, he kept trying new things and eventually discovered the world of affiliate marketing. You might be wondering, what the heck is affiliate marketing? Well,… Read more »


Alex Jangard: How A College Student Started A Garage Woodworking Business

How does an early 20-something go from being a sea kayak guide to a $25,000+ a year garage woodworking business? A lot of pivots. Alex Jangard’s journey through life has been nothing short of incredible. This guy has done it all. Alex’s entrepreneurial spirit began in his hometown of Friday Harbor, Washington. He was employed as a sea kayak guide, spending many hours watching orcas swim, snapping pictures of the pristine wilderness and… Read more »