Weekly Update #3

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This week in H4D, we emphasized dual purpose and interviewed many civilian officers, including a local retired FBI agent and seven members of the Swedish Police Force. These interviews, along with other interviews with military personnel led to our most recent MMC changes and an overall better understanding of the use cases that a technology like ours has both in the military and outside of it.

Changes to the MMC

Most of the changes to the MMC this past week were in the Beneficiaries section (labeled as “Customer Segments” in the image below). After an interview with a Ranger Intelligence Officer, we realized that the needs of the local intelligence analysts, meaning those in the geographical area where an operation was taking place, were different than the needs of the intelligence analysts that were state side, meaning back in the U.S in HQ. Therefore, we distinguished these two groups in our latest version of the MMC to represent the differences in the Value Propositions for each group. As you can see from the image below, the state side SOCOM intelligence analysts need a more long term strategy¬†driven product, whereas the local SOCOM intelligence analysts have more similar needs to the operators and are interested more in a tactical solution.

After interacting with the Swedish Police and other civilian forces, we determined two other beneficiaries, drone tracking and search & rescue. Both of these applications were not considered previously, but after conducting our interviews this past week, there seems to be a real need for this type of technology in both of those sectors.

Our current MMC

Other Discoveries

As we further explored different beneficiaries, we created this visual breakdown of the different sections of the military and other government groups to understand the relative size of each entity, as well as further understand the breakdown of the groups. We will add this information to the knowledge we have been building around the organization of the military so that we can further understand each beneficiary and potential eventual customer segments.

Breakdown of the different beneficiaries based on size and structure.



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