Weekly Update #4

Weekly Update #4

This week in H4D, we started focusing on the left side of the MMC. Most of our work so far has been to the right side of the canvas, as we’ve tried to solidify the beneficiaries and value propositions. Now, we are working to clear up the left side of the canvas so that we can work towards the creation of a functional prototype.

Interview Findings

We did make one change to the Value Propositions section after last week’s interviews. We kept hearing operators say that they would like to determine where metal objects and wires were, as well as human form. Although overall, there was more value attached to detecting human form, the ability to detect metal and wires is seen as a big enough need that we decided to add it as a separate value proposition and hope to add this detection to one of the preliminary versions of our device.

We added the value proposition: “identifying wires, metal shapes”

The left side of the MMC

The major changes in our MMC this week were in the Key Activities section. Before, we had just outlined Part A and B solutions and what value propositions each would address. Now, we have dove deeper into Part A and looked at the steps individually that need to be addressed to create a prototype, such as a PCB schematic, PCB layout, an antenna array and the software design. We are working with experts in each of these areas this week to learn more about how we can improve our own designs.

We broke down our Key Activities section down further for the Part A product.

New Prototype

This week we also had two new MVPs, a drawn schematic of the layout of our device and then a 2D model of that schematic. We expect this to change as we begin to work on the layout and PCB design  throughout the upcoming week.

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