Weekly Update #7

Weekly Update #7


  • Prototype Updates:
  • We have received all our receiver parts and have started to construct antennas with shields. We are ordering our transmitter parts this week and expect to have them by next week.
  • We are working on a formfactor MVP prototype.
    • MMC Updates:
    • We added:
      • Key Partners: FCC expert
      • Key Activities: ATAK integration, FCC certification
      • Key Resources: ATAK integration: ATAK source code
      • Mission Budget/Cost: Market Research, MVP Alpha Design, MVP Alpha Testing, MVP Beta Design, MVP Beta Testing, Ramen Profitability = $1k/person (in Boise), Marketing & Sales: Attending Tech Demo Days & Beta Testing
      • Deployment: Small Purchases through Prime Vendors: ADS Inc. & Darley, Get Awareness through Elite Operators: FBI HRT & USSOCOM, S&T BAA: White Paper
      • Beneficiaries: DARPA
      • Check marks next each bullet in the sections of the MMC instead of the beaker icon means that we have received enough information to validate these hypotheses.

Prototype Updates:

We have been working with Nextflex to acquire parts and have started construction of antennas and shields. In the interim, while we start to work with the reciever parts and order the transmitter parts, we are also working on a formfactor MVP. Ultimately, we would like to get our device in the hands of users during field tests as soon as possible so we’re starting to experiment with different weight distributions, handle placements and form factors.

An antenna with a shield

MMC Updates:

We did a revamp of our MMC, particularly the left side. We went through our interviews this past week and our prior interviews to make sure we weren’t missing anything. This resulted in many additions to the canvas. We added “FCC Experts” (Key Partners) and “FCC Certification” (Key Activities) because our device will need to be FCC certified to sell to law enforcement and other non-military users. We added ATAK Integration (Key Activities), ATAK Integration: Source Code (Key Resources) because we are planning to integrate the user interface of our device with ATAK since that is a growing technology both in the military and within law enforcement. We focused quite a bit on Mission Budget/Cost and broke down the costs associated with research, design, MVP development and determined how much it would cost to live per month per team member if we focused our attention on development full time after H4D is over. We also added “Get Awareness through Elite Operators: FBI HRT & USSOCOM” because through interviews, we have noticed that this is normally where the newest technology is used first. As the elite operators use technology, more and more operator want to use it as well. Therefore, if we can get USSOCOM operators and FBI HRT officers onboard first, we will have stronger pull with other customers within the military and law enforcement.

Our current MMC




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