Earn Your Badge

The Venture College Business Model Badge is awarded to student entrepreneurs who demonstrate the skills needed to consider a business idea and evaluate if it has a reasonable probability of being, repeatable, scalable and sustainable (for nonprofits, attract sufficient resources).

badgeTo receive the badge, student entrepreneurs must successfully populate, test and pivot as required by the market evidence and defend a nine-cell business model canvas (Osterwalder and Pigneur, 2010).

  • repeatable business model has multiple customers in the customer segment who share the same value proposition.
  • A scalable business model has potential to increase revenue with minimal incremental cost.
  • sustainable business model has reliable sources of revenue to meet the breakeven point and generate value over time. A populated business model canvas has at least one assumption in each cell for each customer segment.
  • A defendable canvas has interdependent assumptions that have been substantiated with evidence.
  • A defended canvas has been accepted by the Venture College Angels as reasonably attainable.