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If you didn’t already know, Venture College is the go-to place for interesting, inspiring, and educational events.
We bring in amazing guest speakers monthly, have ridiculously fun open houses with delicious food, and teach actionable workshops to help you further educate yourself outside of the classroom.

Invent for the Planet

February 16th – 18th (Starting at 4pm)
Apply here now!

Meals and Snacks will be provided throughout the weekend!

All students are eligible to apply!

What is Invent for the Planet?

“This 48-hour Intensive Design Experience (IDE) engages students at different universities around the world on a single weekend to solve high impact, global problems.”

How Does Invent for the Planet Work?

Participating schools provide ‘needs statements’ and from these needs statements, teams will propose ‘inventions’ to meet the stated need.  When participants arrive on February 16th, an Invent for the Planet mentor will provide guidance on identifying the need statement that best matches their interests and talents.

What does INVENT FOR THE PLANET look like for a ‘team participant?’
  • The Dance: Once a participant has selected a need statement they will form teams with others that chose the same need statement.  Mentors will assist participants in finding the best fit so each team has diversity of skillsets. 
  • The Design: Each team will brainstorm, refine ideas, identify the project scope, share ideas with other teams working on the same need statement, construct design requirements and a timeline for completion of a prototype. 
  • The Doing. Each team will use creative spaces and personal resources to create and build their idea (3D printers, clay, duct tape, sensors, etc.). 
    The Deal. Teams will develop and deliver a 90-second elevator pitch and 5-7 minute face-to-face presentation to a panel of judges. 
What skills Are needed to Participate in INVENT FOR THE PLANET?

If you have one or more of the following skills, you would make a great addition to an Invent for the Planet team!

  • An entrepreneurial mindset: innovative and willing to take risks
  • Ability to collaborate: effective interpersonal skills, ability to work well with a team of diversified skillsets
  • Time management skills: ability to meet project needs within provided time constraints and deadlines
  • Problem-solving skills: curious, analytical and creative
  • Communication skills: ability to clearly communicate in writing and speaking, and/or use tools to present visually (e.g. 90 second video presentation)
Who is eligible to apply?

All current students at Boise State University are eligible to apply for this Invent for the Planet event!

Next steps?

Apply here! Space is limited!

For more information contact the Venture College Event Manager at

Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge

March 15-16
Applications available now at

Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge, 2nd place winners. Team name: Stike Tech.

Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge, Eric Torres Photos

The Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge believes that students, YOU, have the next big idea.
Preliminary applications are being accepted now and finalists will be chosen in February. 24 teams from colleges all over the state will come to Boise to pitch their big ideas for the chance to win a nice chunk of change. In fact, they’re competing for a slice of $100,000!! You in?

2017 IEC 1st Place Winner

Payton McGriff with Style Her Empowered


More events coming soon!!