Big Data in the Public Sector

Instuctor and Student stand outside Boise State building

Global Challenge

TO explore the connection between ethics and Big Data in public sector decision making.

Participants will engage with faculty and graduate students from the School of Public Service in weekly reviews and discussion based on assigned readings and participation on Big Data research efforts, scholarship design and implementation, and through engagement with Computer Science and Engineering faculty. 

Dr. Lindquist and doctoral student, Kimberly Gardner, received a National Science Foundation Grant to explore this topic. Learn more at

Experience Gained

Students will gain experience working in an interdisciplinary environment on a critical and dynamic problem within the Big Data policy domain. Students will produce a literature review and a white paper summarizing their findings and a reflection paper on their research project experience.

Majors or Interests Needed

We’re looking for students with the one or more of the following majors or interests:

  • Data Analytics
  • Political Science
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology
  • Anthropology
  • School of Public Service
  • Criminal Justice
  • Public Policy

VIP Coach Information

Dr. Eric Lindquist is the Director of the Lindquist Policy Research Group and an Associate Professor in the School of Public Service.See full bio at this link   Kimberly Gardner is a doctoral student who proposed the big data project by asking questions like “where is it actually appropriate to use (big data) and when can it accomplish what people hope it will accomplish?”

Course Information

    • Full semester course. 1-2 credits for VIP  200, VIP 400, or VIP 500 level.
      Team meetings TBD by participants.

Here is how to join the team

For more information and to request a permission number to register contact Dr. Eric Lindquist To register: search by Subject: Vertically Integrated Projects.