NASA Microgravity University


Global Challenge

While our exact challenge is to be announced by NASA, our most recent project to prototype a spacewalking tool gives you an idea of the big, audacious, inspiring nature of the challenge we will work on.


You and other students on the team will work to write a proposal, a test equipment data package, and a final report to NASA. You will also work on outreach to local schools and communities promoting NASA and STEM, empowering those who will follow in your footsteps.

This experience will provide you with new skills and knowledge such as:

  • Systems Engineering
  • Human Interface Design
  • Application of Coursework Concepts to Real World Challenges
  • Communication, Leadership, and Teamwork
  • Creativity and Innovation

Join the Team!

We’re looking for students with the following majors or interests:

  • Education
  • Communications
  • Math
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Physics
  • Civil Engineering

Apply here

For more information, contact Dr. Steve Swanson at