Work U | Employers

The workforce of the future needs you. And you need them.

As a major employer in the Treasure Valley, you can be part of the Work U experience that helps eager students build the skills employers look for when hiring college graduates.

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Become a Work U Employer:

  • Find future employees
  • Test drive the talent
  • Gain new perspective
  • Build internal leaders
  • Help students in the community
  • Enhance the local workforce as a whole
  • Provide professional development for your current employees
  • Build your company’s reputation on campus
  • Team up with Boise State

Bonus Reason:
Boise State provides all the support resources you need for a successful experience for everyone.

Work U students are carefully vetted and matched to your opportunities.

We do all the legwork –recruiting, vetting, placement, background checks, immunization records, and classroom training on basic professional work ethic.


We want our students to succeed. We want your experience to be a successful one as well. We provide all the support you need to make this a smooth consistent process for you and your staff. Our employers tell us that these resources have been key in guiding them each semester.