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Currently in our fourth semester, the Work U Co-op tackles tasks and projects for local employers which have been intentionally identified as benefitting Boise State students. Through the course, you will be embedded in an area of work focusing on specific projects and assigned a mentor who works directly with you. Additionally, you will unpack your experience at a weekly coaching roundtable with a Boise State mentor. All students are welcome to apply, regardless of major and prior experience.

Work U Co-op with St. Luke’s Hospital

This course offers an immersive learning and working experience within one of Boise’s largest hospitals, St. Luke’s. Classes will meet weekly and are accompanied by 8-15 hours of hands-on work experience in one of several non-clinical departments at St. Luke’s (for example: HR, Benefits, Recruiting, Administration, and Compensation Dept.). Learning outcomes will include skills in Professional Administration, Communication, Office Management, HR, and Personnel management. This course provides the skills and confidence necessary for introductory success in the healthcare or related industries.

Credit Hours: 3 Instructor: Jay George, Ph.D

Time Commitment: 8-13 hours per week on site at St. Luke’s (arranged between your St. Luke’s mentor and you) + Coaching Roundtable and further professional development (classroom): Fridays 10:30-11:45am at the College of Innovation and Design

Open to students in all majors and especially those interested in the health care industry.

Example disciplines include: LEAD, Business, Computer Science, GIMM (for simulation development), Human Resources, Finance, Health Sciences

St. Luke’s Departments offering Work U opportunities and their focus:

  • Employee Career Center: focus to be announced
  • Clinical Learning: Education, curriculum development, utilizing technology to education, simulations
  • Student Services: Project management, best practice research
  • Organizational Development: Training, Leading at Luke’s Program
  • Rewards and Recognition (St. Luke’s Meridian): Stabilize staffing; increase employee retention, employee appreciation events, evidence based research
  • Healthy You: Wellness program and delivery
  • Talent Acquisition: Recruiting, interviewing, data analysis
  • You will be directly contacted by the instructor after enrolling to determine the opportunity that best aligns with your learning and professional goals.


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