Design Ethnography Certificate

  • Work with people to create better experiences.
  • Empathize with users, interact to solve problems, collaborate on research, and communicate insights.
  • Fully online; capstone research project.
  • Open to all majors.


What do you do in Design Ethnography?

  • Develop your research skills through guided, experiential exercises.
  • Employ your skills to discover and solve a human problem.
  • Design and execute a capstone project with professional mentoring.
  • Add this certificate to any major to increase employability and build a network.


Is Design Ethnography the right fit?

Meet the Student

Michelle Headrick

Multidisciplinary Studies Major

Q: How have you used the design ethnography certificate at work? Has it generated any results or insights?

“My employer has been really pleased with the results of the work that came out of the capstone project. I am eager to apply more of the concepts from the Design Ethnography Certificate program to an ongoing project that I am working on. I’ve gotten enthusiastic feedback from my business partners and the leadership team on the work that has already been accomplished using skills learned from the coursework.”

Meet the Student

John Papenfuss - Senior

Anthropology Major

What have you enjoyed most about the Design Ethnography certificate program?

“I really like having exposure to so many different backgrounds to help shape perspective. The course is incredibly well designed to help you build confidence and nurture your own creativity. Additionally, the coursework is highly applicable to what global companies are looking for in job candidates. Some people in HR don’t know what anthropology is, but they understand and respect the Design Ethnography certificate and know that I have expertise in working with qualitative and quantitative data to enhance user experience.”

What is Design Ethnography?

“Using traditional ethnographic research methods like participant observation and interviews, a design ethnographer informs designers to make better products or services.”

Luke Martello