Design Ethnography Capstone – ETHNO 469

What will you learn from this course?

The Capstone project presents you with an opportunity to demonstrate your competence as a design ethnographer by proposing, conducting, and reporting the results of an individual project in design ethnography.

 What critical skills will you build?

ETHNO 469 develops your ability to propose, plan, and conduct ethnographic research that delivers actionable insights to stakeholders in a professional, ethical, and timely manner.

 How will you build those skills?

You will begin by gaining approval for your proposal from the Boise State Office of Research Compliance and an external stakeholder who will host your project. You will then conduct three weeks of qualitative ethnographic research, applying methods that are appropriate to the problem you have defined. On a tight timetable, you will deliver a report of your findings to your stakeholder. You will share your frustrations and triumphs with other participants in the course, and work with a professional mentor to conclude your project successfully, and refine your professional social media profile.