Ethical Ethnography – ETHNO 461

What will you learn from this course?

ETHNO 461 introduces you to the complex ethical issues that surround the professional practice of ethnography. Ethnography is a high touch craft, requiring significant and often extended interactions with “human subjects.” In this course you will learn how to manage high touch interactive research with your fellow humans in an ethical manner.

What critical skills will you build?

You will develop and articulate a personal vision of the ethical practice of ethnography to guide your professional work in the future. 

How will you build those skills?

You will develop your personal ethical vision by completing Certification via Boise State’s Office of Research Compliance; critically comparing existing ethical codes and extracting fundamental, shared principles; and exploring the complexities of applying ethical principles in actual research contexts. You will challenge your thinking by comparing your ethical responses to case studies with those of other participants in the course.