Ethnography For Design – ETHNO 465

What will you learn from this course?

Developments in design thinking fundamentally restructure professional ethnography even as they increase the role of methods originating in ethnographic research. ETHNO 465 introduces you to the dynamic, plural, overlapping worlds of design thinking, from human centered design to participatory design. You will explore the relation between ethnography and core design concepts such as rapid prototyping through iterative cycles, empathy maps and design personas, story mapping and customer journeys, touch-points and channels, pain points and unmet needs, and more!

 What critical skills will you build?

You will develop your ability to practice ethnography informed by design thinking, and to conduct ethnographic research that speaks to the needs of designers. This course will change the way you think about ethnographic inquiry.

 How will you build those skills?

You will collaborate with other participants in the course to develop your knowledge of core design concepts and practices, and work with partners to conduct user research that informs design problems. You will construct personas, and story map a customer journey.