Gaming, Interactive Media, & Mobile Technology

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Gaming, Interactive Media, & Mobile Technology

Program Director: Anthony Ellertson, Computer Science

This program prepares students to create the experiences that manage the technology in our work and personal lives. Routinely professionals interact with online tutorials, websites, tablets, smart phones, and video streaming. The GIMM major provides students with skills to execute work in all of these areas. With a GIMM major, students will graduate with the knowledge to produce and manage innovative hardware and software that increase the usability of and pioneer new applications in these technology platforms. In short, students will design and build mobile apps virtual learning environments, and new machines that deliver these user experiences. Students who graduate with at GIMM degree are qualified for what the Bureau of Labor Statistics has identified as high growth professions including, but not limited to: Mobile App Developer, Video Game Designer and Web Developer, which pay on average of $80-90,000 a year. The major will draw from diverse departments including Art, Computer Science, English, IT&SCM and Educational Technology.

Industry Needs & Jobs

Mobile Developer: IT Career Finder and Bureau of Labor estimates a 32% increase in jobs from 2010 to 2020. Game Developer: This $65 billion industry expects a 30% increase in jobs from 2010-2020 (Bureau of Labor). Web Developer : estimates of 22% job growth in this industry from 2010-2020 (Bureau of Labor). Health Care Industry (18% of current US GDP): This degree prepares students for the increasing need to develop automated systems in health care. For example, developing apps for diagnostic manuals, automated inpatient registration, outpatient monitoring, and virtual operating rooms to cut costs of physical lab space and associated materials (these examples represent actual paid work projects by students degrees in this field).


Multiple companies in the Treasure Valley as a part of The Boise Valley Economic Partnership endorsed the GIMM major as relevant to workforce needs including: Pulse Robotics, Idaho Media Professionals, Unity Technologies, Krux Creative, Imperium Productions, HDR, Inc. Swerve Interactive Media, and others. Peter Hartzbech, CEO of IMotions, Inc., from Cambridge, MA (the leading organization in biometric research for usability testing) offered a letter of support for the GIMM program. He writes: “we completely agree with the goal of the GIMM degree to produce students with high-impact designer and developer capable skills who can create new-age interactive experiences through the use of visual design, programming, narrative, and usability skills.”


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