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  • Perfect for emerging leaders, newly promoted managers, and key administrative functions
  • Implement as part of your leadership and training development plan
  • In-person instruction adapts online material specifically to your needs and to Idaho Industries
  • Experience the HBX, Harvard Business School’s digital initiative, curriculum designed to be effective in numerous global corporations

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HBX Immersion @ Boise State for Corporations

The HBX CORe Immersion at Boise State supports the development of foundational skills in any employee, making it an effective tool for your company or organization to invest in. Whether you’re an emerging leader, newly promoted manager, key administrative employee, or belong to a company or corporation- consider making the HBX Immersion at Boise State an integral part of your leadership and training development plan.

The HBX immersion at Boise State will support your company’s leadership and training investments. To bring the HBX CORe Immersion at Boise State to your company contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Do my employees need to be Boise State students?
      No—The College of Innovation and Design’s collaboration with HBX is designed to support both Boise State Students and the Boise community at large.