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Core Faculty

Jodi Brandt

Jodi Brandt, Assistant Professor, College of Innovation and Design

(208) 426-2935 | | ERB 4145 | MAP

Jodi is a land-use scientist who studies landscape change and its drivers, and the impacts of landscape change on biodiversity and ecosystem services.

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Neil Carter

Neil Carter, Assistant Professor, College of Innovation and Design

(208) 426-2958 | | ERB 4123 | MAP

Neil is a conservation scientist interested in understanding complex feedbacks among people, wildlife, and ecosystems in order to better inform decision makers. 

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Vicken Hillis

Vicken Hillis, Assistant Professor, College of Innovation and Design

415-812-6846 | | ERB 4133 | MAP

Vicken is an environmental social scientist interested in behavioral and institutional change in environmental settings. 

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Affiliated Faculty

Shawn Benner

Shawn Benner, Professor, Department of Geosciences

208-850-9033 | | ERB 4155

Shawn is interested in examining scientific problems from the molecular to the field scale and his research approach often requires integration of the disciplines of hydrology, geochemistry and biology.

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Kathryn Demps

Kathryn Demps, Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology

(208) 426-4690 | | Hemingway Building 115

Kathryn is interested in how knowledge and behavior interact with local ecologies and examines the conflict of interest between formal schooling and knowledge about the forest, economic pressures and marketing behavior, and group formation and cooperation.

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Lejo Flores

Lejo Flores, Associate Professor, Department of Geosciences

208-426-2903 | | ERB 4151

Lejo is interested in land-atmosphere interactions, spatiotemporal organization of ecohydrologic processes, and analyses of land-atmosphere systems from a socio-ecological systems perspective.

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Nancy Glenn

Nancy Glenn, Professor, Department of Geosciences

(208) 426-2933 | | ERB 4153

Nancy is interested in dryland ecosystems and understanding how these ecosystems respond to changes in climate and disturbance.

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Julie Heath

Julie Heath, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

208-426-3208 | | Science Building 217A

Julie is interested in addressing  questions about how birds respond to environmental change. She uses physiological and behavioral ecology approaches to understand  mechanisms underlying responses at the individual-level, and population ecology and modeling to understand impacts on populations.

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Eric Lindquist

Eric Lindquist, Director, Public Policy Research Center, Associate Professor; Department of Public Policy Administration

(208) 426-3770 | | ERB 2141 | MAP

Eric’s research interests are in public policy and decision processes, agenda setting, earth systems governance, and the impact of focusing events on public policy. Eric is the Director of the Public Policy Research Center.

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Rebecca Som Castellano

Rebecca Som Castellano, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology

208-426-3418 | | Riverfront Hall 213D

Rebecca is a social scientist who is interested in examining stratification, sustainability, and social action in the changing agriculture and food system.

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Jen Schneider

Jen Schneider, Associate Professor & Director, Department of Public Policy and Administration

208-426-2514 | | ERB 5135

Jen is interested in addressing challenges in the public communication of scientific and environmental controversies, with a particular focus on industry rhetoric and discourses of technical expertise.

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Post-Doctoral Researchers

Jillian Moroney

Jillian Moroney, Post Doctoral Fellow, School of Public Service

Jillian is interested in social assessment, stakeholder engagement, and working at the interface between society and the natural environment to identify issues, knowledge gaps, and potential interdisciplinary solutions to environmental issues.

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Jean Barney, Data Manager

Jean provides data management services to faculty, staff and students and coordinates data management with university and statewide partner

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Hamid Dashti

Hamid Dashti, PhD Candidate

Hamid is interested in hyperspectral remote sensing and ecosystem modeling applications.

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Tara Easter

Tara Easter, MS Candidate, Biological Sciences

Tara is interested in carnivore recovery in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique.

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Nayani Ilangakoon

Nayani Ilangakoon, PhD Candidate, Geosciences

Nayani is interested in finding methods to monitor and forecast changes in ecosystems caused by land use and climatic changes.    

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Alex Killion

Alex Killion, PhD Student, Geosciences

Alex is interested in how humans make decisions when experiencing large carnivore interactions, and how those decisions affect wildlife conservation.

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Andrea Leonard

Andrea Leonard, MS candidate, Geosciences

Andrea is interested in agricultural water use, crop growth dynamics, hydrologic modeling, impacts of climate change, and socio-ecologic systems.

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Jenna Narducci

Jenna Narducci, MS Candidate, Geosciences

Jenna is interested in modeling how policies and stakeholders may influence land use change across the Treasure Valley.

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Ann Marie Raymondi

Ann Marie Raymondi, MS Candidate, Biological Sciences

Ann Marie is evaluating the relative importance of fire, climate, and land-management decisions on sagebrush-steppe vegetation.

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Amy Steimke

Amy Steimke, MS Candidate, Geosciences

Amy is interested in understanding how different wildfire regimes affect water delivery in a changing climate.

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Matt Unitis

Matt Unitis, MS Candidate, Biological Sciences

Matt is interested in discovering new methods to map and determine current and future extents of invasive and native wetland plant communities, and their applications to the many stakeholders in the St. Mary’s River.

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