Prospective Students

Students participating in the Human-Environment Systems (HES) research group are part of a cohort conducting work on environmental sustainability by integrating the social and biophysical sciences. As HES science necessitates a highly interdisciplinary approach, these students are expected to participate in team-based research. Students participating in the HES initiative earn their degree in one of the existing degree programs at Boise State, such as Anthropology, Biology, Ecology Evolution and Behavior, Geosciences, or Public Policy and Administration. Through interdisciplinary research and course work, students participating in the HES initiative develop a foundational understanding of the theories, methods, and applications of HES science in order to research and address real-world problems. With this training, HES students are well poised to tackle environmental problems through either an academic or nonacademic career path.

Undergraduate and graduate students interested in participating in the (HES) research group are encouraged to contact one of the core faculty – Jodi Brandt, Neil Carter, or Vicken Hillis – to learn more.

Also, watch the video below to get a sense of what working in the HES group is like.