Water Resource Projects

Irrigation in a field

Agricultural Decisions and Future Water Use

In many water-stressed areas of the world, the primary consumptive use of water is agricultural production. The decisions farmers make regarding what they grow on the landscape strongly influences how much water they consume. In this project, we are developing an integrative model of water use that includes the stressors of climate and land use change with farm-level crop choice decisions. This model will help better predict how we will use water into the future and how decisions we make will impact that future.

crop choice


Researchers: Andrea Leonard, M.S. Graduate Student; Lejo Flores, Associate Professor, Geosciences

Support and Partners: National Science Foundation, Idaho EPSCoR Grant.

Contact/Learn More: Lejo Flores

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Alternative Futures Modeling to Predict Water Availability in the Treasure Valley, Idaho

Using an integrative, agent-based modeling approach, we are exploring how the twin stresses of climate change and increased population will influence water use and availability for the Treasure Valley into the Future. With down-scaled climate change projections and anticipated population growth, we are conducting simulations of hydrological processes governing water behavior through the year 2100. The model explicitly integrated both physical processes (like evaporation and precipitation) with human influences like irrigation and policies dictating water allocation and land use. This effort will produce plausible scenarios of water use and availability and enable stakeholders to make the better decisions now to prepare for the future.

Researchers: Bangshuai Han, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Lejo Flores, Professor, Department of Geosciences

Support and Partners: National Science Foundation, Idaho EPSCoR Grant; Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho (Compass)

Contact/Learn More: Lejo Flores

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