What People Are Saying

Marla Hanson, Professor of Dance
Marla Hansen, IDT, studio portrait

“A high-level of collaboration is required for great productions. Whether choreographing performers on stage or setting company goals, artists need to know how to lead and work with others.”

Kevin Learned, Director, Venture College
Venture College Cohort 3, individuals and group, Carrie Quinney photo

“As the role of an entrepreneur is to marshall resources—both capital and human—to bring innovative ideas to the marketplace, leadership skills are essential. Successful entrepreneurs have the ability to sustain their commitment to a vision, to enroll others in that vision, and ultimately create economic and social value for the community.”

Julia Oxford, Professor of Biological Sciences
Julia Oxford Portrait

“When coordinating research teams, skill in leadership matters almost as much as skill in one’s specialized field.”

Gordon Reinhart, Professor of Theatre Arts, Directing
Gordon Reinhart Portrait

“Leadership in my field of theater is comprised of humility and direction. In-depth and sustained analysis provides the direction and humility provides grace during the myriad and inevitable course corrections.”

Keith Harvey, Professor of Finance
Keith Harvey, Business Finance, Studio Portrait

“Understanding value creation and understanding people require different skill sets—and both are essential to succeeding in business.

Janet Callahan, Professor of Material Science and Engineering
Janet Callahan, EOEN/MSE

“Working in an engineering field means engaging with people, both in terms of the people you work with as you apply engineering and computer science and also in terms of customers. While engineering involves applying and advancing scientific discoveries, coordinating human effort is the way we get there.”

Andrew Giacomazzi, Professor of Criminal Justice
Andrew Giacomazzi, School of Public Service, studio portrait

“The justice field requires leaders at every level. Whether advocating for victim’s rights, defending a client, or working as an officer of the law, understanding human dynamics and how to lead positive change is an critical part of the job.”