How To Be A YouTube Rockstar

Have you ever wondered what it actually takes to start a YouTube channel? Or thought to yourself– “you know, I might be able to share my passion with the world. ” We feel the same way! That’s why we brought in YouTube expert, DJ Ramirez from Drake Cooper. DJ gave us tried and true methods for starting, marketing, and growing your own channel during one of our free Venture College workshops. The Start… Read more »

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Venture College: Bridging the gap from education to economics

When Boise State’s Venture College pilot kicked off last fall, its main objective became helping students acquire the skills needed to launch their own business. “The kinds of skills needed to start a business are different than those needed to sustain it; that’s why most small businesses fail,” said Ed Zimmer, the associate director of Venture College. Venture College emphasizes a “flipped” classroom dynamic where students learn material outside of the classroom and… Read more »