Boise State University H4D Weekly Update #10

This week in Hacking for Defense, we focused on Deployment. Deployment is very important for us to understand if we actually want to get our product in the hands of our users. 

High-Level Summary:

Mission Model Canvas:

Key Partners:

  • – Added “Prime Vendors: ADS and Darley”

Key Activities:

– Added “Mechanical development”  


Added “small purchases through prime vendors”     

– Added “large purchases through government contracts”

– Added “S&T BAA: Submit White Paper”

– Deleted “sale to branches of the military” and “sale to police locally”

Minimum Viable Product:

  • – This week we created a CAD model of our device

Detailed Update:

Mission Model Canvas:

Most of our updates were in the Deployment section of the MMC. We continued to learn more about what channels are commonly used to sell products to the military and law enforcement. From our work with USSOCOM, we learned that many of their smaller purchases are made through prime vendors, such as ADS and Darley. Then, when they want to make a larger purchase, such as purchasing a product that many officers will need, they use a government contracting system. We also added the submission of a white paper to our deployment section of the MMC because this is a way for us to spread awareness of what our product does as well as a way to acquire funding.

Weekly Mission Model Canvas

This week’s Mission Model Canvas. Additions denoted in blue.

Minimum Viable Product:

This week we also made our first CAD model of the device, based on the foam core form factor we discussed two weeks ago. We will continue to improve this design and make changes as we understand how the electronic components need to be modified.

Cad Rendering of Device

CAD rendering of our device.

Cad Rendering of Device Open

We will be taking a short break next week from blog posts and classes for Spring Break, but we will be back in another two weeks for another update! We hope by then that we’ll have some of our parts and be working on our final class MVP!