Boise State University H4D Weekly Update #11

Hi everyone! We’ve had some interesting interviews since our last blog post and we have made some progress on our prototype. With the end of the semester rapidly approaching, we will be looking to make significant progress in the upcoming month.

High-Level Summary:

      • MMC Updates:


      • Key Partners:

      • – Added “ATAK programmers in DARPA and AFRL”
      • Key Activities:

      • – Added “ATAK integration”
      • – Added “FCC Emergency Responder certification”
      • Minimum Viable Product: 

          • We should be getting all our parts within the next week! We would like to finish a form factor MVP and complete the software of the functional MVP by the end of the week.

  • Upcoming events:


    • Next week, we will be going into the field twice, including attendance at an Air Force drill.

Detailed Update:

Mission Model Canvas:

The most interesting finding in our interviews this past week was that we heard that operators do not mind placing the device on the surface they are trying to see through and standing back to collect information from its reading. This is significant because seeing through walls at a distance poses significant challenges, many of which are decreased when the device is located closer to the area of interest. We also learned more about the value of actually seeing what is in the wall. This information is useful for breachers when determining the best place to set up a breach point.

This week we focused on Activities, Resources and Key Partners on the MMC. We made some minor modifications, including adding FCC certification to our Key Activities because we cannot sell to law enforcement without that. 

Our weekly Mission Model Canvas. Changes denoted in blue.

Our weekly Mission Model Canvas. Changes denoted in blue.

Minimum Viable Product: 

Right now, our main focus is to test our circuit design and see what tweaks need to be made before creating a formfactor MVP. This week, once we receive all of the parts, we will spend the rest of the week working on testing and construction. We made a few more changes to our design after consulting experts in the field, but now we’re ready to see what our device is capable of! 

Our parts are arriving!

Our parts are arriving!