Boise State University H4D Weekly Update #12

We can’t believe we’re almost done with the semester! We just scheduled our final Lessons Learned Presentation for May 1st so mark your calendars if you’re in Boise!

High-Level Summary:

    • Mission Model Canvas:

    • Mission Budget/Cost:

  • Added:
  • – Market Research
  • – MVP Alpha Design
  • – MVP Alpha Testing
  • – MVP Beta Design
  • – MVP Beta Testing
  • – Manufacturing
  • – Ramen Profitability = $1k/person (in Boise)
  • – Marketing & Sales: Attending Tech Demo Days & Beta Testing
  • Minimum Viable Product:

      • We have received all our receiver parts and have started to construct antennas with shields. We are ordering our transmitter parts this week and expect to have them by next week.

Detailed Updates:

Mission Model Canvas:

We really honed in on the Mission Budget/Cost section of the Mission Model Canvas this week. We broke down the costs associated with research, design, MVP development and determined how much it would cost to live per month per team member if we focused our attention on development full time after H4D is over. 

This week we also created a timeline to break down the activities that need to be done, both business oriented and technically.This will be helpful both in ensuring that we stay on schedule the next few weeks, but also help us in the future after the class is over as we continue to work. We now know how long we can go without funding and what the major milestones we have to reach are in order to continue working.

The Mission Model Canvas

This week’s MVP. Blue denotes changes made this week.

Minimum Viable Product:

We have been working with Nextflex to acquire parts. We have began construction of antennas and shields. In the interim, while we start to work with the receiver parts and order the transmitter parts, we are also working on a form-factor MVP. Ultimately, we would like to get our device in the hands of users during field tests as soon as possible so we’re starting to experiment with different weight distributions, handle placements and form factors.

Megan, Ben, Kelson, and Trevor working on the functional MVP

Megan, Ben, Kelson, and Trevor working on the functional MVP

DIY antenna

We have started to build our antennas for our functional MVP.