Harvard Business School Immersion at Boise State (HBX CORe)

HBX CORe participants learn from Harvard Business School Faculty and an ambitious online learning community to build foundational skills relevant to all career paths.

Course #:

James Petzke

This class will offer a practical introduction to:

  • accounting
  • statistics
  • economics

Acquire knowledge through relevant Harvard Business School case studies. Online studies are accompanied by a 1-hour, in-person class meeting each week led by Dr. Kevin Learned (Executive Director of CID’s Venture College) who will adapt HBX CORe material to relate specifically to Idaho industries.

Boise State University is the first public institution to offer an HBX CORe program.
Completion of this course will result in 9 Boise State University credits.

For more information contact: venturecollege@boisestate.edu