Startup Garage

Have you ever been to a place where you can play ping-pong while chatting with like-minded individuals about changing the world?

Or work in an open environment with an endless supply of coffee + snacks?
Or even being part of a network of successful people that are invested in seeing you kick butt in life?
If you thought this place only existed in Silicon Valley… or your dreams.. you’re wrong! This place is right here in Boise and available for students and our community.

Welcome to the Venture College Startup Garage.

We began in August 2013 with the vision of impacting the economy through business creation by helping students acquire skills valued by employers, and assisting them in launching businesses while pursing their coursework (regardless of their major).

Our successful entrepreneurs have:

  • • won over $136,500 in cash awards and grants
  • • started 40 revenue generating businesses
  • • raised $1.2 million in outside funding
  • • made over $1.8 million in revenue during 2016

Venture College Garage entrepreneurs are frequently featured in local and national media, news articles and blogs. Some of our entrepreneurs have even landed new jobs and internships!


Who The Garage For

We find that most entrepreneurs are a little quirky. They aren’t necessarily “business minded” people, but they recognize that the world could be a better place- and they might have an idea (big or small) that can help.

The Garage is for students who want to get more out of their college experience, potentially bring a classroom project to life or fix their own problem and see if anyone else in the world might be interested as well.

Some key attributes that the Garage students have are:

  • • Having a get stuff done mentality
  • • Being intrigued with the idea of being their own boss
  • • Has an idea that could be a new business or non-profit
  • • Learn + be inspired by others trying to run with an idea

We understand that getting an idea off the ground is hard. That’s why we invest a ton of time, energy, compassion, and resources into our Venture College Startup Garage entrepreneurs. Venture College can be taken for credit or not-for-credit.

We’ve had experience working with online entrepreneurs, construction companies, affiliate marking, education, businesses that take people on trips, vegetable oil powered racing trucks, and even non-profits who deliver medical supplies to war-torn parts of Africa and so many more!

So, we definitely have the knowledge and experience to confidently help you with your idea.

Eligibility: Undergraduate, graduate, or even a community member.

The Structure

2 Hour Lab

We meet once a week in a Lab session with a cohort of entrepreneurs, just like you. In Lab we discuss different struggles you are going through, help you get “unstuck” and teach you a little bit about business.

Like anything, you get out of the program what you put into it. But, the average students spends about 10 hours a week working on their idea.

30 Minute Mentor Session

Additionally, once a week we require you to book a time to sit down with one of our highly experienced directors to talk about your idea and help you keep moving forward. (This is where connections are made!)

If any of this sounds like your cup of tea, apply today.

We start a new cohort every 15 weeks (once per semester). Turn your application in for Fall no later than April and for Spring no later than November. Or if you are extra excited to get involved, you can turn in your application now. 🙂

 Apply to Venture College Startup Garage today!
(it will change your life)