Hacking For Defense at Boise State University

From Zero to Hero in 15 weeks

Solving a National Security Problem for Scientists, Technologists, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs

Boise State University has been chosen as a Hacking 4 Defense incorporated (H4Di) partner to enable powerful approaches to stimulating science and technology invention, innovation and entrepreneurship on university and college campuses directed towards solving national security problems. H4Di, a 501c(3) non-profit organization, works in partnership with the National Defense University – National Security Accelerator (NSTA) and the Stanford University Hacking 4 Defense Project (H4D-P). Two-hour cohort workshop and mandatory half-hour advisory with a Hacking 4 Defense mentor weekly.

The successful student team will learn to use a systematic process to thoroughly investigate their national security problem. Students will create hypotheses regarding potential beneficiaries, the problems the beneficiaries have, potential solutions to the problems, and create and carry out a plan to test these hypotheses. Based upon the results of the tests, the students will modify their hypotheses, and develop a mission model to bring a minimal version of the product or service to deployment. In the process, students will gain practice in describing and pitching their ideas. Highly driven student teams will coalesce around their choice of unclassified national security issues presented by a range of Department of Defense & Intelligence Agency problem sponsors. Teams will work with their agency sponsor to put themselves directly in the boots of their beneficiaries including soldiers, special ops, pilots, analysts, etc. to better understand their problems. This in depth agency knowledge and the strong working connections established throughout the class leave students highly qualified for careers in the defense and intelligence sectors.

This class (Course ID:  B2C 597: Hacking for Defense) has been listed as graduate credit due to its intense nature and its requisite for highly driven students. Students of any discipline or standing are welcome to apply.

Course Structure


How To Join

Due to the nature of this course, permission of instructor is required. (Don’t worry, it’s an easy thing to do!)

Simply email Ed Zimmer (edzimmer@boisestate.edu). He will answer your questions and provide you with a permission number.