Autonomous Robotic Systems

Global Challenge

To create innovative solutions to challenges that arise when designing, building, and testing autonomous robotic systems.

Steve Swanson with robotics students Steve Swanson with robotics students Steve Swanson with robotics students

Experience Gained

This experience will provide you with new skills and knowledge such as:

  • Systems Engineering
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Real-Time Software
  • Embedded Computer Systems
  • Vision Processing
  • Electrical Systems
  • Application of Coursework Concepts to Real World Challenges
  • Communication, Leadership, and Teamwork
  • Creativity and Innovation

The solutions created will be entered into competitions and contests around the nation! Compete about the best. Be the best.

Majors or Interests Needed

We’re looking for students with the one or more of the following majors or interests:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Physics
  • Math
  • Education
  • Civil Engineering

VIP Coach Information

Dr. Steve Swanson is a Computer Scientist, former NASA astronaut, and now a Boise State Distinguished Educator in Residence. Read more at He coaches two VIP teams, this one, Autonomous Robotic Systems, and NASA Micogravity University.

Course Information

Full semester course or a 2nd 8 week course. 1-2 credits for VIP  200, VIP 400, or VIP 500 level.
Team meets Fridays 9:00AM – 9:50AM.

Here is how to join the team

For more information and to request a permission number to register contact Dr. Steve Swanson at To register: search by Subject: Vertically Integrated Projects.