Modeling Sustainability

Modeling Sustainability

Make and use open software to figure out how to increase the efficiency of materials and materials research related activities.


Computing, materials, simulations, raspberry pi, automation and open source.


What if we could automatically discover recipes for making new solar panels, aerospace parts, and nuclear materials by working backwards from what we want? The Modeling Sustainability team helps make this dream a reality by developing open software. Projects range from developing new sensors for use in Boise State University laboratories, developing models for simulating materials, and advancing algorithms for extracting knowledge from computer experiments. Do you love puzzles? Thinking spatially? Finding patterns in messes? Do you want to automate repetitive things so you can be creative? If so, we’d love to talk more.


Meeting Time: Determined with student input
Advisors: Dr. Eric Jankowski
Majors, Preparation, Interests:

  • Students in Materials Science and Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Biology and Art are encouraged to apply.
  • Any one great at games, math or shapes should contact us!

Contact Information: Dr. Eric Jankowski: or