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computer on a desk with "makey makey" device In Maker Lab

Photo of Maker Lab taken by Photo Lab student, Abbagail Canary


Create relevant and engaging visual narratives that clearly communicate the scope and value of current research in the College of Innovation and Design at Boise State. Everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone can isolate the core narrative that others find interesting, tease out its supporting details, and create and edit the visual and written materials needed to effectively tell that story. Using a project based approach, students in this course will develop the skills needed to tell the stories of their peers involved in original research at Boise State University as well as their own.


Visual Narrative, Creative Writing, Image Design, Camera Controls, Image Editing, Digital Asset Management, Project Management Skills, Time Lapse Photography


  • All majors welcome
  • Storytelling, visual narrative creation and photography
  • It is strongly recommended that students have comfort with basic computer skills prior to enrolling in the course

VIP Coach Information

Shawna Hanel is the Photography Lab Manager Department of Art at Boise State and adjunct instructor for Photography at CWI. Sh earned her Master’s Degree from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, a school renown for its photography program. In the field of art and design, RMIT is globally ranked between 15th and 20th every year (in 2016 it was 16th).This past summer Susan Thompson, Assistant Curator at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum selected one of Hanel’s photographs for inclusion in a group show in Chelsea, New York. Carter E. Foster, the Curator of Drawing at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York and Doug Litts the Head of the Smithsonian American Art Museum/National Portrait Gallery Library at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. have also chosen her work for group shows.View her work at

Student Feedback

“Shawna is a fountain of knowledge in several areas of artistic study, those being art history, photography, graphic design and printing processes. Her passion and ability to openly share all she knew instilled confidence and motivation in her students.”

“Some instructors have the knowledge of photography, and some have the ability to teach it. Shawna has both. Bravo!!”

Spring 2018 Course Information

    • Full semester course. 1-2 credits for VIP  200, VIP 400, or VIP 500 level.
      Meeting Time: Tuesday and Thursday 6:00-8:00 pm

Here is how to join the team

For more information contact Shawna  Hanel at To register: search by Subject: Vertically Integrated Projects.