Work U | Employers

The workforce of the future needs you. And you need them.

As a Treasure Valley employer, you can be part of the Work U experience. Help our students – and your future employees – on their career path with opportunities to build experience, skills and a professional network.

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What You’ll Gain

Eager, enthusiastic team members
Students from diverse majors provide fresh insight into your organization’s challenges. Our partners are continually impressed by the enthusiasm and eagerness to learn that our students bring to their work.

A structure for building your talent pool
Work U provides a structured, consistent program for bringing Boise State University students into your organization. We do all the legwork – recruiting, vetting, placement, background checks, immunization records, and classroom training on basic professional skills and work ethic.

Leadership opportunities for your team members
By becoming mentors and directing students through specific projects, your current employees have the opportunity to learn and develop leadership skills.

Partnership with Boise State
Help us invest in the future of the Treasure Valley by sharing your expertise with the next generation. Meanwhile, you’ll benefit from increased awareness of your organization on campus when it comes time to hire new talent.


We want our students to succeed, and we want your experience to be successful as well. We provide all the support you need to make this a smooth, consistent process for you and your staff. Our partners tell us these resources have been key in guiding them each semester.